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Description of the service

Carrying out a procedure for a diplomatic vehicle

Description of the service

À savoir

This service allows you to:

  • Register a diplomatic vehicle, or
  • Change the status of the diplomatic vehicle or its registrant, or
  • Revoke a diplomatic registration, or
  • Carry out another request involving a diplomatic vehicle.


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Préparer les documents à fournir

6 documents to provide

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address less than six months old
  • Application for registration (Cerfa 13750*05)
  • Administrative, technical and tax receipts
  • Proof of the correction to be made (if changing status or name)
  • Proof of address


If you are doing this for someone else, you will need to provide a power of attorney and proof of identity.

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Les grandes étapes de la démarche

15 minutes pour faire votre démarche

Logging in via France Connect

Once you have logged in to your space with your FranceConnect identifiers:

  • Click on the “New Request” button 
  • Select "Registration",
  • Select the "Make another request" service

Start the process
  • Enter the plate number
  • Enter the details of the registrant named on the vehicle registration document if the service is for someone else
  • Submit the supporting documents

Send the request to be processed by the relevant department

Once the request has been sent to the receiving department for processing, you cannot modify it. You can't delete it either.

Resuming the process for finalisation
  • You may be asked by the receiving department to provide additional supporting documents, 
  • Once the process has been completed, you can go back to your application to confirm it or, if necessary, pay by credit card.

Follow the progress in your ANTS space

To check the status of your online application, log in to your account. 

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